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 Are Higher Fuel Prices eating up YOUR operating budget???


"Green" your fleet and SAVE MONEY from your current budget simply by using DurAlt Fuel Conditioner!

*Save up to $10 or more for each $1 you spend!*

Over $32,000,000 and a billion fleet miles in testing by independent labs and fortune 100 companies over the last 20 years have proven that this product:

Can GREATLY improve fuel mileage for pennies per treated gallon

Can SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE maintenance and maintenance costs by cleaning and lubricating your engine parts

Can TREMENDOUSLY REDUCE emissions which contribute to pollution of the environment and "GREEN YOUR FLEET"

Pays for itself and EASILY PUTS $$$ BACK into your budget


Contact us NOW!!!  Every day you wait is mega-dollars in fuel and maintenance costs literally wasted from your budget. 

Now setting appointments for 2009 personal presentations to see how we can specifically tailor products to your individual company's needs, giving you tremendous savings, while simultaneously helping our planet.


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How DurAlt Will Benefit Your Fleet

How DurAlt Fuel Conditioner Works


DurAlt contains no harmful additives and is 100% safe for your engine. Approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency.


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*Based on Fleet and Independent Laboratory Test Results




-- In use for years --
in High Performance racing circuits

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Dr. Terry J. Lieber, President

Products to Save Money and the Environment 


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